Welcome to TernavSKI – Snow Academy!

ternavski-2016TernavSKI – Snow Academy offers Austrian Skiing Method that takes place in the well-known Slovak resorts: Tatranská Lomnica – SKI resort, Bachledova dolina – SKI Bachledka a Nový Smokovec – Jakubkova lúka.

We choose quality downhill courses and lifts for you. The mentioned facilities are suitable for tuition of both adults and children, or the beginners or advanced. We have also offered the budget-priced service packages – discounts applied to lessons and ski passes.

All our instructors are holders of the valid Skiing and Snowboarding Master Licence, issued by SLA, the Accredited Educational Institute, or the SAPUL Association, the member of the International Skiing Instructor Association. You will experience unforgettable moments on the downhill courses, full of dynamic movement under command of the instructors. If you are just a beginner, they will be your support in the first curves, or ... we shall "take a stand on the edges" and will give the advanced adrenalin curving lessons on the downhill course in Lomnické Sedlo.

We are waiting for you with a set of new services we have prepared for ski season 2016/2017: Rental service of alpine skiing and snowboarding equipment in Tatranská Lomnica and Bachledova dolina, where we can provide complete sets for you and your children.

Merry christmass and happy skiing holidays to all winter sports lovers!

We cordially invite you to skiing and snowboarding school - Ternavski - snow academy!

Mgr. Vladimír Ternavský