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For children, we recommend Hourly Lessons or Two-hour Lessons. Lessons can be private, just with the main person, or they can bring extra people, up to a maximum of 3, and create a smaller, flexible group. During the PRIVATE lesson (1–4 people), your child will receive a lot of individual and personalized attention. Children quickly learn technique and progress in a safe and fun environment. “Hourly lessons” and “two-hour lessons” start at Jakubkova Luka from 8:30, every half hour, lasting 55 minutes with a 5-minute break or lasting 110 minutes with a 10-minute break between lessons. You can create your own schedule and spend a joyful hour or two, or even half a day, learning.

For repeat lessons, we offer advantageous PACKAGES: Hourly and 2-hour with a discount.
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Most popular for young children up to 10 years old.

The price does not include accident insurance. The ski pass and the child’s skiing equipment are at your own risk. Pre-sale of ski passes has started. We recommend purchasing cost-effective ski passes GOPASS.

after each hour

We save your money
Lessons in small groups
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1 | Children making their first turns in the snow, first-graders up to 10 years old, must have a private solo lesson.
Children love movement and learning new things. A child must be constantly motivated, feel safe and comfortable: they must be warm, take breaks, have fluids, and need a teacher, with all their individual and personalized attention just for themselves. And we can ensure this only in a private lesson.

2 | For children up to 10 years old, beginners, and intermediate skiers, we recommend no more than 3 people in a group.
In a group with small children, there should be no additional persons aged 10 and above with them.

3 | The SAME skiing level is required in the group.
Please do not create groups with mixed levels. In such a case, divide participants into multiple groups. Imagine how a lesson in a group with older experienced skiers, together with first-grade children or beginners, would turn out.

These rules are recommended by the Slovak accredited educational organization ZSL. We have incorporated the adherence to these simple rules into our reservation system to ensure the safety of your children.

Preferred Language of Instruction
During the lessons, the main language, besides Slovak, is primarily English, but we will try to accommodate the languages spoken by your children as much as possible. In the reservation system, instructors are marked with the international language abbreviation they speak, to facilitate your choice. Please write in the note if there is anything we should know about the children: for example, health restrictions, preferred language, the need for skiing or snowboarding equipment, and so on.

Children are grouped based on their age and abilities. Our level system ranges from blue to red and black, for children aged 6 to 10 years old.

All children, regardless of their skiing level, will receive encouragement, praise, and, upon making progress, a medal and diploma from us.
the skiing level for the child.
Snowflakes – Blue
Snowflakes – BlueYou've been skiing for one week
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You can already stand, walk, and move on gentle slopes.
You control the plow turn in a straight direction, regulate your speed, and can stop.
Goal: Master blue slopes, confident turns with plow technique. Parallel positioning of skis between turns.
Slope: Easy blue slopes with a gradual transition to longer and more variable blue slopes.
Recommended: Jakubkova lúka in Nový Smokovec with a transition to Štart, Buková hora in Tatranská Lomnica.
Ski Stars – Red
Ski Stars – RedYou've been skiing for several weeks
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Your skis are now parallel in the turns.
During the turn, you can lift the inner ski.
You can brake with skis parallel.
Reliable control of the track and speed in lighter descents.
Goal: Controlled parallel turns in more variable terrain. Introduction to the Snow Park.
Slope: Easy red slopes with a transition to steeper and longer red slopes. Fun park.
Recommended: Čučoriedky with a transition to Skalnaté pleso in Tatranská Lomnica.
Snow Dragons – Black
Snow Dragons – BlackYou've been skiing for more than 4 weeks
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You can carve short radius turns.
You can jump on small kickers and ski Switch on flat terrain.
You comfortably ski on red slopes.
Goal: Controlled short and long turns in steeper terrain, carved carving turns, basic Freestyle Snow Park.
Slope: Steeper groomed red-black slopes. Snow park, powder.
Recommended: Lomnické sedlo from Tatranská Lomnica with an experienced instructor.
**In some forms, you will encounter up to four levels:

First Timer ∙ I have never skied before. This is my first time skiing.

Beginner ∙ I can manage skiing in a wedge in a straight direction, control my speed, and can stop independently on flat terrain.

Intermediate ∙ I have mastered turns in a wedge and am working on my parallel turns. I feel confident on blue slopes and am starting to handle red ones.

Advanced ∙ I have mastered parallel turns. I feel confident on red slopes and am starting to practice on black ones.

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