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Who we are

We are a Team

We are a small ski school that offers private and group lessons – skiing and snowboarding. We believe that with us, you will gain a unique experience, spend your time actively and efficiently, tailored to your level, personal goals, and needs.

We are a Team
We are a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors with a common goal – to share our passion for snow sports with you. We know the Tatra resorts inside and out, and since we have years of experience living and working as ski instructors, we will share our knowledge with you. All our instructors speak multiple languages and are flexible – we speak Slovak, Czech, English, German, French, Russian, and Polish.

Our Philosophy
At TERNAVSKI, we believe that when you have a skiing lesson with us, you should get a tailor-made service from the meeting point to the experience on the slope. And what does TERNAVSKI mean? Simply – a ski school founded and built by a passionate and excellent skier, racer – Vlado Ternavský, out of love for the sport ❤️.

We will guide you through the ski resorts Tatranská Lomnica and Nový Smokovec, equip you, advise you on the best slopes based on weather and snow conditions, time of day, and your skill level. This way, you will avoid inconveniences, and for longer repeated lessons, we will offer you a more advantageous price.

Come skiing with us
Whether you choose private lessons, small group instruction, or organize a large multi-day Ski Course, we will provide you with our instructors, quality methodology, and a caring approach to each one of you. A great skiing experience, a lot of fun, and visible progress to a higher level await you. We warmly invite you.

We guarantee that each of our lessons constitutes a comprehensive learning process, in which “something” changes and evolves into a new and usually better form 😉.