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Longer Lessons

Longer Lessons are perfectly designed to improve technique and, consequently, boost your confidence. With lesson durations of two, two and a half, or three hours, there is plenty of time to try various techniques on different slopes. You can have the instructor all to yourself in a private lesson PRIVATE (1–4 people), with their full attention focused solely on you. Our groups are small and flexible, with a maximum of 4 people, making the lessons competitive and enjoyable. Whether you need to dust off your skis and go back to basics or simply enjoy a ride and improve, Longer Lessons are the best choice for you. Lessons start in the morning at 8:30 am for a duration of 110 or 140 minutes plus a 10-minute break or a duration of up to 160 minutes plus a 20-minute break, every half hour. On a regular day, instruction goes until 3:30 pm. Only during the peak season, from February 1 to March 31, an additional 30 minutes are added, and working hours end at 4:00 pm. For snowboarders, we have specialist instructors and ideal conditions for improving your snowboarding skills.

For repeat lessons, we offer advantageous PACKAGES: 2H, 2.5H and 3H.
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Our Longer Lessons are ideal for all skiing levels and age categories,
from beginners to experienced skiers.

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We will adapt
to your needs

We save your money
Lesson packages
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Licensed Instructors

2 H


Začiatky: 14:00 od 01.02. do 31.03.
Počet: 1–4 osoby
Trvanie: 110 (+10) minút
Dvojhodinovka je k dispozícii
v hlavnej sezóne popoludní
Sezónne ceny od 69 € ∙ cenník >
Longer lessons

2,5 H


Začiatky: 8:30
Počet: 1–4 osoby
Trvanie: 140 (+10) minút
Intenzívnejšia ranná lekcia
Užijete si menej ľudí na svahu
Sezónne ceny od 79 € ∙ cenník >
Longer lessons

3 H


Začiatky: 9:30, 11:00 a 12:30
Počet: 1–4 osoby
Trvanie: 160 (+20) minút
Intenzívna výučba pre stredne
pokročilých a pokročilých lyžiarov
Sezónne ceny od 99 € ∙ cenník >
Longer lessons

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